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Website Maintenance Services Why It’s Important to have them

Website Maintenance Services

So you just got a cool new web site built, but are wondering why you need website maintenance services?

First of all let’s state the obvious, Every business needs a website. Why? Because It informs new customers about your products or services, and as a result, increases revenue flow.

Unfortunately, maintaining your website can be a major hassle and a total time drainer, especially if you aren’t quite sure what you’re doing.

That’s why FunnelGurus provides a full suite of website maintenance services. Everything from ensuring your software is updated to running your whole website for you.

Software and Security Updates

Most of our clients would rather have us perform the updates and handle the technical issues when things go wrong. But we do have a few adventurous DIY’ers.

Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered. We can take care of it all for you or you can pay us to record training videos to show you what you need to do to keep the site updated and performing at optimal levels.

Either way, We’ll ensure your website is as safe as possible from hackers and cyber criminals. And that is always functioning at peak performance.

Domain and Hosting Renewals

Whether you purchase your own hosting plan or go with our recommended hosting option, you will be responsible to ensure they are paid yearly. 

We recommend purchasing the max of 3 years upfront to save more money.  Because once the renewals kick in the price goes up, usually by a factor of 3x.  Typically yearly renewals for hosting runs around $150 a year.

Your site will get shut down if you fail to pay your renewals so be sure to factor it in to your budgeting. 

Email Hosting

Communicating with clients and customers has never been easier, thanks to the convenience of email. Unfortunately, if you don’t have dedicated email hosting, you could be stuck using an unprofessional-looking email address to communicate with important clients.

Email hosting is included in most plans, but are limited in the size of the mail storage. Most free email plans give you up to 2gb of storage.  Failing to delete junk, or old emails could result in a full mailbox. Need help monitoring your limits?  We got you covered.

Spam and Comment Filtering

Every site is susceptible to Spam commenting and if it is not monitored frequently, the comments can be overrun by nonsense.  You will need to keep an eye on all your comments and remove the ones that don’t belong there.  

Adding New Content

You either love creating content or hate it but the truth is that every website needs fresh content added regularly to avoid becoming stale. Frequent Content updates also let google and the search engines know that your site is alive. Depending on your business it could be the difference between Daily updates vs Monthly. We recommend to shoot for at least 1 blog post or content post a week.

Updating and adding content shows the search engines that you are an active business and will improve your rankings in searches. It will also help to attract new website visitors and boost conversion rates.

If you have the time to do this yourself, that’s awesome. If not then our Content Creation team can handle all of your content needs, from onsite optimization to blogs.

Here at Funnelgurus, our goal is to make your business run as smoothly as possible. We provide complete website maintenance services and cutting edge web design to help your business stay profitable and up to date. Call our office in Riverside at 951-790-2841 or click here to request a quote!

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