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Web Design

Having a properly designed website is one of the main factors in building a trust and credibility online.  

Riverside Web Design

Why should you hire a Web Designer?

Anyone can go to a DIY Website Builder, build their own website and start making sales right?

 Wrong… It is not a simple as “if you build it, they will come”.  Unfortunately the internet has so many websites that it would be like finding a specific grain of sand in the middle of the ocean.  It is not a realistic expectation. 

With web design there are the things you see as a visitor and there are the things (behind the scenes) that you don’t see.  These behind the scenes things are far more important than the actual website itself.  So going and building a site yourself without setting things up properly on the back end will do more harm than good. 

Don’t think of hiring us as “just” building a website because anyone can do that.  You are hiring a professional to make sure your site is setup correctly in order to generate visitors and sales. 

Our Gurus have mastered this art and we make the process easy for you.  You will get the visual product you require but we will sleep well knowing that we delivered something that will actually do what it is supposed to. 

 Read below for a few of the included services we offer when it comes to web design.

These are the things we include with our websites.

(You will pay extra with other designers)


We will create a google analytics account and link it to your website so you can see how many people are visiting your site and what pages they are looking at. Over time you will be able to see which pages are converting and which ones need to be modified


We understand that getting things perfect the first time is nearly impossible so we will make revisions to our web design until you are happy with the end result.

funnelgurus web design services

Tracking Code

The Tracking code is a piece of code that we embed into your website. Whenever a new visitor goes to your site it logs their visit and gives you the ability to advertise directly to them all over the internet.

Security Software

All of our websites come with security software installed to help prevent hacks and malicious activity on your website.

Social Media Linking

We will link your website with your social media properties and install social icons on your site so people can follow you directly from your website.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Any content we ad to your site will be written in a way that is search engine friendly and will help increase your chances of your site appearing in searches

Check Out Some Of Our Work Below

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“... The professionalism, speed, and quality of work performed by Funnelgurus exceeded all my expectations...”
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Ruben R.

Riverside Web Design Gurus

have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely,  If you are within a 20 mile radius we can come to you.  If you are outside of that range we can work out something that is convenient for both of us.  We also have office space in Orange County and are out there weekly meeting clients. 

Depending on the amount of work involved it can take anywhere from 2 weeks to Months.  Most sites we do for small businesses fall within the Two to Three week range.  If you need something faster we can discuss your needs and give you a better time frame estimate. 

Since every site is different and requires a different setup, We don’t have a flat fee and we don’t recommend hiring anyone that gives you an upfront price without fully knowing what your needs and goals are.  On average our designs run anywhere from $800 to $3000 for most sites.  If your project requires a lot of work then it will obviously cost more.  We can discuss your needs and provide a free quote to give you a better idea.

Yes as long as it makes sense.  You can even provide us other sites that you like and we will design your site to look similar. 

Absolutely…  Typically we require at least half upfront due to the cost of software we will need to purchase to build your site and operating costs then we can break the other half up into milestone payments.