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Who Are We?

We are more than a just a Web Design and Digital Marketing company.  We believe that our business prospers as long as yours does so we promise to do our best to make that philosophy a reality.

Read Below to get to know us on a more personal level.  

Funnelgurus About Us

Our Values

Funnelgurus Riverside Web Design Logo

We are more than a web design company.  We believe that our business prospers as long as yours does so we promise to do our best to make that philosophy a reality.

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Doing What Works

We love to study data to learn what type of marketing works best for each industry. By constantly learning and analyzing we provide you with the best and most current marketing campaigns for your business.

Spreading The Love

Not only do we love what we do but we also love sharing what we know with our clients. We know that, together, we are far greater than the sum of our parts. We lift each other up. We listen. We Share.

Always Growing

We’re always growing—in knowledge, talent, experience, and expertise. But not necessarily in size. We evolve. We adapt. We’re smart. We are forward thinkers and we create growth for our clients. We’re not happy unless we produce results or solve a problem.

About Our Founder

Adam Klein

Founder and CEO of FunnelGurus

Hi My name is Adam and I created Funnel Gurus in 2011 Read below to learn more about me and the company.

I was born in Newport Beach CA and moved to Riverside when I was 5 and have lived here ever since.

Back in the 80’s when computers became available to consumers my dad brought home our first computer and using it came naturally to me.  So obviously I gravitated towards working in that field.

I began my career in the computer Tech field starting out as a test operator, I quickly moved up to the position of Test Engineering Lab Supervisor.  I was responsible for 6 employees and built, tested, and repaired computers and their internal parts.

I traveled all over the world helping resolve customer issues and setting up new manufacturing plants for the company and in 2011 my job was finally transferred overseas (read on to find out why that was actually a blessing in disguise).

Luckily the company gave me a good severance package (Thank you) so instead of looking for a job right away, I decided to start my own business selling things online.  I had no web design or online sales / marketing experience at the time.  But what I did have was the time to learn…

So I dove right in learning as much as I could about building websites and online marketing.  I became so good at it that my friends started asking me to build websites for them and referred me to their friends and that’s when Funnel gurus was born.

Today I am happy to help my friends aka clients grow their online presence and increase their sales.  I love to stay on top of the latest trends and technologies and am constantly learning in order to stay ahead of my competitors.

We are a small team so we try not to take on too many clients at a time to avoid spreading ourselves too thin.  But if the need arises we will hire more staff to help carry the load.   Feel free to reach out with any questions or just to say hello.  I Look forward to meeting and working with you soon.