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What is Digital Marketing?

Unfortunately there isn't enough room on this page to get into all the details so here it is in a nutshell.

In the old days you would place an ad in the newspaper or pay to have your business listed in the yellow pages and that would be enough to start receiving phone calls and customers.

In this new age of marketing there are so many places where your customers can be exposed to your business that it becomes overwhelming.  A lot of research goes into finding out what channels they are hanging out on,  What type of content they will be most likely to engage with and what followup method works best to convert them into paying customers.

Digital marketing covers a wide spectrum of online marketing channels and If you aren't marketing where your customers are spending most of their time, then you are missing out on a huge piece of the pie.  There are three main approaches to Digital Marketing...

The first is paying for online advertising. Ads obviously require an upfront investment but they are the quickest way to generate traffic and sales to your website.

The second is creating valuable or viral content.  The content creation route takes longer to see results but it's what builds your brand and sustains the long term results of your business.

The third and arguably the most important is having a followup machine in place that guides your potential customers through the purchase process on autopilot.  This step is crucial in any marketing campaign and we include some form of followup in each of the services we offer.

See below for more information on the digital marketing services we offer and get in touch with us today.

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digital marketing services - paid advertising

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is the fastest way to create sales and drive traffic to your website. With the right campaign in place you will yield a positive ROI.  Click below to learn more about our paid traffic plans.

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digital marketing services - content creation

Content Creation

Valuable and properly formatted content that is placed on your website will provide a source of traffic and sales. Click below to learn more about our content creation plans.

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Digital marketing services - Social media

Social Media Marketing

With over 2 billion people worldwide using some form of social media it only makes sense that you market your business there.  Click below to learn more about our social media marketing packages.

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digital marketing services - email marketing

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a valuable marketing channel for any business.  By having an email marketing campaign in place you will generate more first time and repeat sales.  Click below to learn more.

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The Guys At Funnel Gurus built a site that went beyond anything I could have imagined.  Will continue to use them for my digital marketing needs.

Eric Patino
Eric Patino Family Happiness Academy

Thank you for helping me with my website and social media marketing.  We made a profit the first week of running online ads.  Can't wait to see how far we can take this.

Erika Garcia Grace
Erika Garcia Grace OC Biz Builders and Credit Repair