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New Digital Marketing Plan For The New Year

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There are Three types of people we would like to address in this post.

Person 1. Doesn’t have a Digital Marketing Plan.

Person 2. Has a plan in place but it is not performing as well as you would like

Person 3. Your New Digital Marketing Plan is crushing it.

If you are person 1 or 2 this post is for you.  As for person 3 Keep doing what you have been doing and we wish you the best of success going forward.

If you aren’t doing any Digital Marketing or you aren’t seeing results from your current internet marketing efforts this is the perfect time to review and come up with a new digital marketing plan. 

Gone are the days where you could create an add in a newspaper or publish your business in the yellow pages and business would come rolling in.

In today’s world everyone is online and businesses of all types need to be seen online to remain competitive in their local markets, even if they don’t specifically do any business directly online.   To determine if you need some help with your Digital Marketing strategy, ask yourself the following essential questions. 

Is your New Digital Marketing Plan bringing steady traffic to your website?

When it comes to online marketing A lot of people think “If you build it, they will come”  Unfortunately there is so much information available online and if you aren’t actively putting your business in front of people chances are nobody even knows your business exists online.   

There are only a few ways you can bring traffic to your website.

  1. Create a post that goes viral. – While this is possible to do, it would be like hitting the lotto or getting struck by lightning twice in the same place years apart.  We don’t recommend using this method as your only marketing strategy.
  2. Build a following by consistently creating valuable content.  This is a must for any business, but the only downside is that if this is your only marketing strategy it will take a lot of time and content creation before you start seeing results
  3. Pay to run ads online. – This method provides the fastest return on investment.  Not only is your business or brand being promoted online, but you determine who it is being shown to.  There is no point showing dog toys to cat lovers right?  With properly setup advertising campaign, you ensure a steady flow of traffic to your website which results in increased sales and new leads.

As you can see from this image on one of our clients websites where we ran ads for a 3 month period to test their effectiveness. The Ads dramatically increased their traffic and sales.

digital marketing plan before and after ads graph

The only dis-advantage to ads (As you can see from our image as well)  is once you stop running ads, your traffic will also stop flowing at a high rate.  But as long as you are getting a positive ROI there is no need to stop running ads.

Are you ranking for your desired keywords?

Some of you may not even know what the term Ranking means so I’ll provide a little explanation.

When a person goes to google and types in a search for example “Where to buy bagels in Los Angeles” the sites that come up on google are “Ranking” on the first page.  When you click the second page, those sites are ranking on the second page and so on. 

As a business owner, you probably know which terms you’d like your business to rank for on Google, even if you haven’t done any formal keyword research.

For example, if you own a Bagel Shop in Los Angeles, then you probably want to rank on the first page of google for the term above and similar terms.

If your business doesn’t come up on the first page of search results when you type in these terms, you probably need to add SEO to your digital marketing plan to get you there. 

The term SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization and is achieved by putting a proper Digital Marketing Plan in place and sticking to it.  SEO is a long term plan and results are not immediate. 

Unlike Ads, once your SEO is in place and you are ranking for specific keywords your traffic will increase at no cost to you.  The only cost involved with SEO is time which for most is move valuable than money. 

How many followers do you have on social media?

Social media is another important factor to think about when assessing your new digital marketing plan.

If you don’t have many followers on social media or you don’t see new followers regularly, then you might need to ramp up your social media marketing with both organic posts and paid ads.

If your company isn’t active on social media at all, this could be a huge detriment to your digital marketing efforts. Fortunately, for those who aren’t Social Media savvy or don’t have time for it, social media is easily outsourced to a digital marketing company. 

digital marketing plan monitoring your analytics

Is your website performing as well as you want it to? 

Another key in designing your new digital marketing plan is looking at your website’s performance stats. Factors like page views, bounce rate, and overall site traffic will let you know how people are interacting with your site. 

Monitoring your sites data and tweaking the pages that aren’t performing well is a major part of your digital marketing.  This should be done often to ensure your site is functioning properly and creating quality leads and sales for your business.

How often are you following up with your leads / customers?

The golden rule in sales is “The fortune is in the followup” we wrote an article that goes into detail on one method in the followup process.  You can read it by clicking here

Followup is a must for your new digital marketing plan and even If you don’t like following up or don’t have time there are ways to automate it.  This is one of our specialties and we would love to help you set that up.

Here at FunnelGurus, we specialize in Digital Marketing and can provide a free evaluation of your businesses online presence.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can help improve your marketing efforts and increase sales. You can Contact us Here, or shoot us a message on Facebook. If we are available on Live chat you can use that too just send us a message at the bottom right of the page.

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